inmymindWhen I was 6 years old I was diagnosed with Asperger’s (a type of Autism) and I spent my whole life with people who didn’t understand me and trying to go threw life with my disorder. When I turn 16 I decided to make this video to help people understand what its like inside my head.

Ever since I posted the video I recieved alot of prasied and it showed me that I had a true gift, and that gift is to help people understand the Autistic mind. I been at guidance counselor meetings, won 2nd placed in the East End Student Film Project, was nominated for best commintary video for the 2008 YouTube Awards, and much more. I’m now working on a autobiography (a Book version of IN MY MIND) and I hope it will have the same/more impact that this video has done to help people understand.

Few years later I made a book version of In My Mind and it has been published by Future Horizon. If you like to order my book In My Mind: Your Q&A With A Man With Autism here or on

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